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Revelation 2 - Are the Jews God's Chosen People?

The Book of Revelation – Are the Jews God’s Chosen People? (2 of 22)


What does the Bible say about the Jews who live in modern day Israel? This question is answered in Revelation 2 - the second episode of “The Book of Revelation” series. This 22 hour series is directed and produced by Paul Wittenberger (After The Tribulation and New World Order Bible Versions), and Preached by Pastor Steven L. Anderson, Pastor at Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona.

This episode confronts the controversy surrounding the notion today that the Jews of modern day Israel are God’s Chosen People. See for yourself if the Jews today are anything like the Old Testament Jews. Follow along in your King James Bible and see for yourself what the scriptures have to say. Set aside pre-conceived ideas of the world, and let the truth be revealed.

It also covers topics such as:

· The First Works
· Dispensationalism
· The Universal Church
· The Antichrist and other antichrists
· The Feasts of the Lord
· Daniel’s 70th Week
· The Role of Women in the Church
· Ruling and Reigning with Christ

So grab your King James Bible and enjoy chapter 2 of “The Book of Revelation”.

“Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;” 2 Thessalonians 2:3


7 Churches, False Apostles, Church of Ephesus, First Love, Soul Winning, Dispensations, Universal Church, Overcoming the World, Second Death, Tree of Life, Paradise, The Three Heavens, Synagogue of Satan, Crown of Life, Killed for the Cause of Christ, Cast into Prison for the Cause of Christ, Circumcision, Anti-Christ and Anti-Christs, Judeo-Christianity, Zionism, God’s Wrath, Joseph Smith, The Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price, 10 days Tribulation, The Feasts of The Lord, Hebrew Calender, Blowing of Trumpets, Daniel’s 70th Week, Abomination of Desolation, The Trumpet of Jubilee, The Rapture, The Great Tribulation, White Stone, Women Teaching, Christians repenting of their deeds, Meaning of the word ‘Tribulation’, Depths of Satan, Reigning with Christ, He that hath an ear,


Revelation 2:1-29, Hebrews 2:12, Psalms 22:22, Matthew 24:12, 1 John 5:4-5, Revelation 21:7-8, Revelation 1:5, Genesis 3:22-24, Revelation 22:1-5, 2 Corinthians 12:4, Romans 2:28-29, Philippians 3:3, 1 John 2:18/22, John 1:41, 1 Thessalonians 2:14-16, John 8:44, Revelation 1:9, Revelation 7:14, 2 Timothy 3:12, Leviticus 23:4/24-27/9, Matthew 13:39,

Numbers 10:9, Numbers 31:6, Daniel 9:27, Matthew 24:15/21, Romans 8:21-23, 1 Corinthians 15:54, Daniel 12:12, Revelation 20:14-15, 1 Timothy 2:12, 1 Corinthians 14:34, Hebrews 12:6, Revelation 22:16, 1 Corinthians 10:11


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Israel Moments 11-22

 Here are another 12 Israel Moments. Also, check out this great new webpage for the movie Marching to Zion!

Israel Moment #11 - All Unbelieving Jews have been Cast Off (Jer 31:35-37, Rom 11:1-7)
Israel Moment #12 - The Jews are our Enemies (Romans 11:28)
Israel Moment #13 - When will the Blindness of Israel End? (Rom 11:25-26, Luke 21:24, Rev 11:2)
Israel Moment #14 - The Physical Nation of Israel has been Replaced (Matthew 21:43)
Israel Moment #15 - Jews are Antichrists (1 John 2:22)
Israel Moment #16 - Jews Worship a Different God than Christians (1 John 2:23)
Israel Moment #17 - Taking Part in the Jews' Evil Deeds (2 John 9-11)
Israel Moment #18 - Military Support for Israel (2 Chronicles 19:2)
Israel Moment #19 - Avoid Genealogies (Titus 3:9)
Israel Moment #20 - Jews Don't Believe the Torah (John 5:46-47)
Israel Moment #21 - Unbelieving Jews are under God's Wrath (1 Thess 2:14-16, John 3:36)
Israel Moment #22 - The Jews Killed Jesus (1 Thessalonians 2:14-16, Acts 3:14-17)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

I'm North African!

I've been doing a lot of research about genealogies and DNA lately while working with Paul Wittenberger on a new documentary film "Marching to Zion," so I decided to get my DNA checked for ethnicity. In the past, when I had studied my genealogy, the only nationalities I had ever been able to come up with were English, Irish, Swedish, Danish, and Swiss, as I reported in a previous blog post. The results of my DNA testing, which are reported to be 99.99% accurate, showed how little I know about my ancestry, even having done a lot of research. Many people think they know exactly what nationality they are, but things are much more complicated than that. I thought of myself as being 100% white European, but it turns out that more than anything, I am ethnically a Moroccan Berber from Northwest Africa and a Spaniard!

Why do we know so little about our ancestry? First of all, just because a person is from a certain country or has a certain last name, that doesn't mean that they have that ethnicity. For example, just because your ancestors are from England, that doesn't mean they are Anglo-Saxons. Spain and England are very close together, and most Spanish people are white, so people from Spain could easily end up in England and vice-versa. The reason we think of Hispanic people as being brown is that we are thinking of Mexicans who are a mixture of Spanish and American Indian. Also, Morocco is very close to Spain, and all of these countries were very heavily involved in sea trade, which would involve a lot of people moving back and forth from place to place.

Not only that, but looking at your family tree does not take things like adoption and adultery into account. How in the world could you know if your ancestors from 200 years ago were adopted or were the product of an adulterous affair by your great great great great great great grandmother? Stranger things have happened.

My DNA was tested against 400 people groups, and I was given a list of the top 50 matches in order of prominence. The reason that certain people groups are repeated (for example, I am a Moroccan Berber 7 different ways) is that there are different subgroups within each ethnicity, and I had genetic ties with various types of Moroccan Berbers. Not only was Moroccan Berber listed 7 times in my results, 5 of them were in my top 10!

My #2 most prominent ethnicity came out as Spanish. Not only that, but Spanish was repeated a total of 7 times. Polish showed up a little lower on the list (#5) but was repeated 8 times. 9 of my ethnicities are simply labeled as "white," meaning a homogenous mixture of white people from the U.S. and Canada (this would encompass a lot of English, Irish, Swedish, Danish, etc., basically, everything I thought I was!). Some of the other things on the list that were interesting are Romani (Gypsy), Arab (I'm a son of Ishmael! haha No wonder I defended him in a sermon recently!), Egyptian, Native American, etc.

Once you learn about this, it become silly to be so hung up about "race." We are all mixed! I guess I can start calling myself an "African American" now! The Bible was right when it said that all nations are of one blood. If anyone hasn't heard it already, I would strongly recommend my recent sermon that proved that all of us are direct descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, one way or another.

Here is the full listing of my results followed by my "Certificate of Ethnicity:"

1. Moroccan Berbers
2. Iberian Peninsula - Andalusian Spanish
3. Moroccan Berbers
4. Romani - Presov, Slovak Republic
5. Polish - Northern
6. Polish - Podlasie
7. Spanish - Balearic Islands
8. Moroccan Berbers
9. North African - Maghreb
10. Arab - Moroccan
11. Polish - Podlasie
12. White - U.S.
13. Belgian - Flemish
14. Spanish - Majorcan
15. White - Canadian
16. Spanish - Valencian
17. Moroccan Berber - Asni
18. Russia - Pskov
19. Egptian Copts - Adaima
20. Belarusian - Northeastern Poland
21. Portuguese - Azores
22. Portuguese - White
23. Bosnian
24. White - Canadian
25. White - North Carolina
26. Slovenian
27. Polish
28. Polish
29. White - Swiss
30. Serbian - Serbia/Vojvodina/Montenegro
31. White - U.S.
32. White - Virginia
33. Belgian - Flanders (Dutch)
34. Serbian
35. Polish - Central
36. Spanish - Andalusian
37. Polish
38. White - Virginia
39. Brazilian - Sao Paolo
40. White - California
41. Polish - Southeastern
42. Slovac - Presov
43. Spanish - Canary Islands
44. Spanish - Minorcan
45. Native American - Michigan
46. Moroccan Berber - Bouhria
47. Portuguese - Northern
48. Portuguese - Azores Archipelago
49. Belarusian
50. Portuguese - Northern

In case anyone is interested, the company that tested my DNA is at

Monday, August 11, 2014

Israel Moments

This series of short videos will use literally hundreds of clear Bible verses to prove that the Jews are no longer God's chosen people, but that rather, we as believers are God's chosen people, whether we be Jew or Gentile. The videos will also prove that the modern day state of Israel is a fraud. There will probably be about 100 moments in all. Here is a synopsis of the first ten:

Israel Moment #1 - Christians are Citizens of Israel (Ephesians 2:11-19)
Israel Moment #2 - So-called "Jews" are not Real Jews (Romans 2:28-29)
Israel Moment #3 - Jewish Synagogue = Synagogue of Satan (Revelation 2:9)
Israel Moment #4 - Revelation 3:9 on the Synagogue of Satan
Israel Moment #5 - Christians Inherit the Promises of Abraham (Genesis 12:1-3, Galatians 3:16,28-29)
Israel Moment #6 - All Nations Blessed Through Faithful Abraham (Genesis 12:2-3, Galatians 3:7-8)
Israel Moment #7 - Christ-rejecting Jews are Children of the Devil (John 8:39-44)
Israel Moment #8 - Abraham is not the Father of the Jews (Matthew 3:9)
Israel Moment #9 - The Holy Nation is made up of all True Christians (1 Peter 2:9-10, Romans 9:24-25, Hosea 1:9)
Israel Moment #10 - Israel is no longer the Holy Nation (Exodus 19:5-6)

Many more moments are coming soon!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Revelation 1 - Will there be a Pre-Tribulation Rapture?

The Book of Revelation - Will There be a Pre-Tribulation Rapture? (1 of 22)


What does the Bible say about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ?  This question is answered in Revelation 1 - the pilot episode of “The Book Of Revelation” series.  This 22 hour series is directed and produced by Paul Wittenberger (After The Tribulation and New World Order Bible Versions), and preached by Steven L. Anderson, the pastor of Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona.

This episode delves right into the most debated subject in the word of God, the second coming of Jesus Christ.  It will prove that Jesus Christ is indeed coming back, but not until after the Tribulation. 

It also covers topics such as:

•    What the Return of Christ will look like
•    Why Christ cannot return at any moment
•    How the inspiration of the King James Bible is proven in Revelation
•    Tribulation prophesied for all followers of Christ
•    Why God included the book of Revelation in the Bible
•    The Gospel

So grab your King James Bible and enjoy chapter 1 of “The Book of Revelation."

Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;” 2 Thessalonians 2:3

The Book of Revelation, Chapter 1, Revelation 1, Rapture, 7 Stars, 7 Golden Candlesticks, Stem of Jesse, Great Tribulation, Sun and Moon Darkened, Great Earthquake, Distress of Nations, Jesus Ascension and Decent from Heaven, Pre-tribulation rapture fraud, Trump of God, Comforting One Another with the Resurrection, Parable of the Fig Tree, Great Apostasy (falling away), Jesus Prophesying His Return, Warnings against tampering with God’s Word, Believers Seeing The Signs of the Coming of Christ, Sun Black and Moon as blood, 7 Spirits, Key Verse 7, 7 Churches, Appearance of the Son of Man, Jesus has the Keys of Hell and Death, The Word of God the Two-edged Sword,

Revelation 1:1-20, 1 Cor 2:14, Isaiah 11:1, Matt 24:21, Matt 24:29-30, Luke 21:25-27, Acts 1, 1 Thess 4:13-18, Matt 24:32-34, Matthew 13:20-21, Mark 13:24-28, Revelation 22:18-19, 1 Thess 5:1-2, Revelation 6:12-13

58 min

Sunday, July 27, 2014

New Documentary - MARCHING TO ZION

Paul Wittenberger and Steven L Anderson have just finished filming their latest documentary MARCHING TO ZION. We are hoping to have this film out by December 2014. This film is going to be awesome! People will be shocked and blown away by the information in this film. Topics covered include:

- The history of the Jews from A.D. 70 until today including the founding of the state of Israel
- Scriptural evidence that the Jews are no longer God's chosen people
- Rabbinical Judaism's Messiah revealed as the Antichrist
- Blasphemous teachings of the Talmud and Kabbalah
- Modern DNA evidence of the Jews' ancestry
- Proof that Christian Zionism is a modern phenomenon
- Darby, Scofield, and Larkin Exposed

The film will feature:

- Steven L Anderson, pastor of Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, AZ
- Texe Marrs, author and founder of Power of Prophecy Ministries, Austin, TX
- Leo Abrami, Ecumenical Jewish Rabbi
- Reuven Mann, Orthodox Jewish Rabbi
- Irwin Wiener, Reform Jewish Rabbi
- Jeffrey Schesnol, Humanist Jewish Congregation Leader
- Matt Furse, pastor of Mountainview Baptist Church in Custer, SD
- Tim Coleman, pastor of 35th Avenue Baptist Church in Phoenix, AZ
- Roger Jimenez, pastor of Verity Baptist Church in Sacramento, CA
- Donnie Romero, pastor of Stedfast Baptist Church in Fort Worth, TX
- David Berzins, pastor of Word of Truth Baptist Church in Prescott Valley, AZ
- Paul Wittenberger, director and producer based in Los Angeles, CA 

Please donate to this project if you believe in what we are doing. The more money we can raise, the sooner the movie will be released!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Quotes from Heretic Joey Faust's Book

Some have tried to defend Dr. Greg Dixon since I recently uploaded a video to YouTube exposing him as a false prophet who believes that saved Christians will spend 1,000 years in the lake of fire during the millennium if they don't live right (basically a Baptist version of Purgatory). As many other false prophets, Greg Dixon tries to be subtle and sly by not coming out and clearly stating his belief on this. This blog post contains the evidence backing up my attack on Dixon. Here is what Greg Dixon wrote back in 2008:

Approximately six or seven years ago I attended a fellowship meeting in a Baptist church in Hockley, Texas. A young preacher, named Joey Faust, from Venus, Texas spoke on the subject of KE and said that he had written a book on the subject. Afterwards, thinking that someone needed to head him off before he got too far out on a limb, I asked him if I could critique the manuscript before he sent it to the publishers and he agreed and mailed it to me. I read it, made exhaustive notes, and was shocked when I could not refute his arguments and was impressed with his scholarship and meticulous research, although I have not come to a final decision about all of his conclusions. His book is titled, "The Rod - Will God Spare it?" 

That was back in 2008. Now he preaches this doctrine from behind the pulpit as a guest preacher (according to his friend Pastor Sam Adams, who said he will never have Dr. Greg Dixon come and preach ever again since he preached this heresy). Here are a list of quotes from Joey Faust's manuscript that Dr. Dixon was so "impressed" with and "could not refute:"

"It is important to realize that the warnings concerning death at the Judgment Seat for SOME believers are not all limited to the Gospels." –Joey Faust, p. 72, The Rod: Will God Spare It?, Pre-pub book 

"Notice that believers are warned about going to the SAME PLACE as unbelievers during the Millennium . . ." –Joey Faust, p. 180, The Rod: Will God Spare It?, Pre-pub book 
"Some Christians will experience temporary death after death." –Joey Faust, p. 65, The Rod: Will God Spare It?,  Pre-pub book  

"Therefore, any death experienced at the Judgment Seat that divides BODY, soul or spirit can be  described as a cutting asunder. The next chapter of this book will show that the Bible clearly warns true Christians of a soul death if we walk in seat without repentance." –Joey Faust, p. 71, The Rod: Will God Spare It?, p 71 Pre-pub book 

"The death of [Romans 8:] 13 will therefore be experienced at the judgment seat of Christ. –Joey  Faust, p. 73, The Rod: Will God Spare It?,  Pre-pub book 

"It is now time to examine more closely the death that many Christians will experience at the Judgment Seat. It includes not only the death of the body, but also the death of the soul . . ." –Joey Faust, p. 75, The Rod: Will God Spare It?, Pre-pub book 

"Under Christ it is the temporary death of the body and the soul! This is why the Bible teaches Christians to strive to have their souls saved at the Judgment Seat (Heb. 10:39, 1 pet. 1:9, Jas 1:21, etc.). The Christian’s soul is already saved in eternity. Yet, there is also a saving of the soul in relation to the future age of reward. Disobedient Christians are in danger of losing their souls temporarily at the Judgment Seat (Mt. 10:28, 29, 16:24-26)." –Joey Faust, p. 81, The Rod: Will God Spare It?, Pre-pub book 

"It is now time to examine more closely the death that many Christians will experience at the judgment seat. It includes not only the death of the body, but also the death of the soul . . ." -- Joey Faust, p. 135, The Rod: Will God Spare It?, p. 75, pre published book; 

"The ‘much sorer punishment’ than physical death (mentioned in Hebrews 10) is called the ‘second death’ in the Book of Revelation. The Lake of Fire is where this soul death will begin to occur; therefore, the Lake of Fire is called the ‘second death’ in th Book of Revelation. The Lord’s breath lights a fire before His throne. This fire from the Lord’s mouth is a rod. It will try believers and it will slay all that have lived in disobedience and sloth without repentance. The Lake of Fire is where this soul death will begin to occur; therefore the Lake of fire is called the ‘second death’ . . . Christians are warned about the danger of being temporarily ‘hurt’ by this Lake of Fire . . . After being slain by the Lord’s fiery breath at the judgment seat, unfaithful Christians will be banished to the underworld [HELL] for 1000 years." -- Joey Faust, p. 143, 144, The Rod: Will God Spare It?,  p. 83, 84, pre published book 

"Unbelievers will be thrown into this Lake of Fire. They will experience the ‘second death.’ Yet Christians are warned about the danger of temporarily ‘hurt’ by this Lake of Fire." –Joey Faust, p. 144, The Rod: Will God Spare It?,  p. 84, Pre-pub book 

"The same Lake of Fire can be temporary for God’s rebellious people, yet endless for God’s rebellious enemies (i.e. non-Christians)." –Joey Faust, The Rod: Will God Spare It?, p. 93, Pre-pub book 

"Christians cannot lose ultimate salvation. They will therefore only be hurt temporarily by the Lake of Fire." –Joey Faust, p. 94, The Rod: Will God Spare It?,  Pre-pub book  

"Disobedient Christians who fail to overcome in life will first experience the Lake of Fire. They will then experience the dark prison of the underworld during the glorious age of the Millennial Kingdom of God . . . Disobedient Christians do not stay in the Lake of Fire before the throne of the Lord. After the fire has declared in their bodies what kind of deeds they committed as Christians, it will be the second stage of their judgment. Being ‘hurt’ of the ‘second death’ is only the first, initial stage. Then will then be gathered again and sent down to the underworld for the duration of the Millennial Kingdom (Rev. 20:6)."–Joey Faust, p. 209, The Rod: Will God Spare It?,  Pre-pub book 

"As the disobedient servants [believers] walk over the Lake of Fire they will immediately be ‘cut asunder’ by its FLAMES. They will then be gathered into the ‘lower parts’ of the earth’ [hell fire] to stay until the Millennial Kingdom is over." –Joey Faust, p. 211, The Rod: Will God Spare It?,  Pre-pub book 

"This two part judgment links together Christ’s warnings about destruction IN the Lake of Fire (Rev. 2:11) with His warnings about the underworld. The judgment IN HELL comes directly after the ‘death’ IN the Lake of Fire." –Joey Faust, p. 213, The Rod: Will God Spare It?, Pre-pub book 

"Every Christian that has walked a life filled with the Spirit will be glorified at the Judgment Seat (Rom. 8:17). The flames of the 'second death' will not hurt the glorified body quickened by the Spirit. However, every Christian that has not allowed the indwelling Spirit to dwell in his actions and deeds (but has grieved Him) will die in the flames at the judgment seat. His carnal deeds will be manifested in his mortal body [unglorified body].”  -- Joey Faust, p179, The Rod: Will God Spare It?, p. 217, pre pub book 

"After this manifestation by fire comes the next step . . . [1 Cor. 3:15] . . . After the body is first burned in the 'second death’, IT will then be sentenced and temporarily banished to the underworld [hell to you uninformed]. This is a two part judgment. Tried by fire [i.e., the second death] and then saved 'so as by fire' (i.e., the subsequent punishment in the fiery prison of the underworld, from which one will be delivered after the millennium). One might wonder how disobedient Christians get from the Lake of Fire to Hell to the underworld . . ." -- Joey Faust, p. 179 The Rod: Will God Spare It?, p. 217, 218, pre pub book; 

"Outer darkness in the heart of the earth is where the hypocrites and unbelievers will wait until the Great White Throne when EVERYONE is raised for final judgment. At that point, all who are not found written in the Book of Life (the unbelievers) will be cast into the Lake of Fire for all eternity (Rev. 20:15. All Christians will then be together throughout eternity and all tears will be wiped away (Rev. 21:4). –Joey Faust, p. 181, The Rod: Will God Spare It?, Pre-pub book 

"Disobedient Christians will experience a temporary hurt IN the Lake of Fire which is the ‘second death’, and they will be then be cast into the dark, FIERY prison of the underworld. . . . Hell is not the lake of Fire; yet Christians are warned about destruction IN both places." –Joey Faust, p. 208, The Rod: Will God Spare It?, Pre-pub book 

"In 1 Corinthians 3:15, the ‘fire’ speaks of literal fire. Paul concludes his warning by revealing that it is the unfaithful Christian man himself that shall be literally burned." -- Joey Faust, p. 161 The Rod: Will God Spare It?, p. 101, pre published book; 

"The underworld is sometimes called Hell in the Bible . . . It is therefore a proper word to use to refer to the place the Lord will cast all that are unworthy of His Kingdom (Mt. 5:28; Lk, 9:62, etc.)." –Joey Faust, p. 184, 185, The Rod: Will God Spare It?, Pre-pub book 

"Disobedient Christians will be cast out of the Millennial Kingdom and will temporarily go into the underworld where they will experience negative consequences based on their degree of sin. This prison is some times ‘hell’ in the English Bible." –Joey Faust, p. 190, The Rod: Will God Spare It?, Pre-pub book 

"Translators were correct in translating Hades, Gehenna and Tarturus by the single word ‘hell’. They all refer to that one place in the center of the earth where the unfaithful dead [i.e. carnal BELIEVERS and unbelievers] will spend the Millennial Kingdom of God." –Joey Faust, p. 196, The Rod: Will God Spare It?, Pre-pub book 

"Everyone that has ‘part’ in the First Resurrection will reign. This at once refutes the common idea that the only thing Christians can forfeit is a reign in the kingdom. Christians can lose the millennial kingdom itself." -- Joey Faust, p. 185, The Rod: Will God Spare It?,  p. 148, pre published book; 

"Having part in the First Resurrection is linked with kingdom entrance and reign. Both are conditional blessings for Christians based upon conduct." --Joey Faust, p. 188, The Rod: Will God Spare It?, p. 152 - pre published book 

"It is important to realize that ‘having part’ in the First Resurrection does not just consist of being raised momentarily from the dead or judgment. It consists of being raised from the dead never to die again." --Joey Faust, The Rod: Will God Spare It? - p. 190, p. 153 - pre published book; 

"Paul was striving for the First Resurrection. He shows the First Resurrection is conditioned upon suffering with Christ. It is called a ‘prize.’ A prize is something one is to win"; [Phil. 3:11-14; 1 Cor. 9:24-27] -- Joey Faust,p. 189  The Rod: Will God Spare It? ,  p. 153, pre published book; 

"Nevertheless, all Christians will not stay alive. All Christians will not be found worthy to obtain ‘that world’ and the ‘resurrection from the dead.’ Since they will die again, they do not ‘have part’ in that Resurrection." – Joey Faust, p. 191, The Rod: Will God Spare It? , p. 154, pre published book; 

"Many Christians will be raised only to die again. They will be hurt of the ‘second death’ and will miss the kingdom for 1000 years. These Christians will be raised to immortality at the Great White Throne [second resurrection] after the millennium . . . These Christians missed the First Resurrection and the kingdom reign. They were hurt of the second death [lake of fire] and had to die again at the judgment seat of Christ. They receive the resurrection of life (to immortality) on the Last Day, which occurs after the millennium." -- Joey Faust, p. 195, 196, The Rod: Will God Spare It? , p. 159, 160, pre published book 

"In Matthew 25:30, the subject is an unprofitable servant with no fruit. On other occasions, Jesus taught that such servants would actually miss the Kingdom entirely and would be banished to the underworld. There is no reason not to conclude that ‘outer darkness’ in Matthew 25:30 means the regions of the underworld [hell fire], exactly as it does in other warnings." –Joey Faust, p. 179, The Rod: Will God Spare It?, Pre-pub book